A.Turna Food producing powder mix in 2000 began to sectoral activities. A.Turna Food is continuing its activities in the production facility of 1000 m2 outdoor area and 3500 m2 closed area. Coffee group, powders and liquids group production is among the industry’s leading companies.

All the products we produce all kinds of services, consulting and development process is continuous. A. Turna Food production licenses are awarded, every day with appropriate production expands reference to the Turkish Food Codex, increase the variety of products.

A. Turna Food established with domestic capital, the unique product formulation produces automatic machines of modern facilities is 100% Turkish company.



Naturally occurring in nature, produced while maintaining the history and nature of the physical processes, resources for human consumption exploring the pioneering and innovative approach to all aspects of life, in every period, health, energy and happiness to the floor, to improve the quality of life, the product can be prepared quickly and easily create services and concepts has been operating in the food sector in order to provide the service of humanity.


On the road to a healthier world to be among the leading companies, humanity; natural, practical, affordable and offer an extensive choice of solutions, environmentally conscious technology and investing in people to achieve together and keeping customer satisfaction at all times, creating value, aiming to planned growth and the success of the regional market, is a global brand by moving into international markets, the company to be the issuer is not who imports.


To expand our vision to be an innovative company, we care.
Customer Focused
For brand satisfaction and continuity, essential to move our customer-oriented.
We are pursuing policies to achieve our vision researchers.
To be a reliable brand, obeying the rules, written or unwritten food production, we are working continuously.
Production in all the procurement process, we act with environmentally friendly policies.
For the purpose to enlarge its market share, to be important for our entrepreneurs.